I love teaching! I can't help it - I love the feeling of helping someone achieve their potential or discover an unknown gift or hidden talent.

On this page you will find details of ALL the workshops, courses, groups and training days that I have either run in the past or am currently running.

Just because something appears on this page it doesn't mean that is currently booked in anywhere to run. However, if you'd like me to come and teach you, your friends or colleagues in a suitable space - please drop me a message using my Contact Form and we can discuss your needs further.

Browse through the categories and workshops below and click on the title of each for further information.

Spiritual Development

Working with Auras 
Psychic Development for Beginners
Introduction to the Chakras
Advanced Chakra Workshop 
Working with your Power Animals
Meditation for Beginners
Mediumship Development 
Working with the Angels
Psychic Crime Scene Investigation
Defence Against the Dark Arts: Psychic Protection 
Shamanic Journeying for Beginners
Sacred Mandalas 
Working with Colour
Meet Your Spirit Guides 
Connect with the Archangels 
Working with the Violet Flame 
Astral Projection for Beginners Enhancing Your Psychic Skills 
Heartsong: The Inner You

Healing Arts

Crystal Healing Therapy Practitioner
Rahanni Celestial Healing 
Drum Healing 
Sound Healing 


Aromatherapy for Beginners 
Base Oil Masterclass 
Scents of the East 
Natural Remedies 
Natural Cosmetics 
Growing Your Own 
The Garden Healer 
Working with Flower Essences 
All About Face 
Aromatherapy for the Spirit 
Aromatherapy for the Home 
Natural Skincare 
Perfect Hands

Magickal Studies

Day of the Dark Goddesses 
Earth Pathways 
History of Witchcraft 
Druidic Lore 
Shamanic Ways 
The Wheel of the Year 
Introduction to Witchcraft 
Candle Magick for Beginners
Tree Magick 
Flower Magick 
Moon Magick 
Magickal Herbs 
Crystal Magick 
Feng Shui Your Home 
A Day for Hecate 
In Novilunio: Nott 
In Novilunio: Asteria 
The Energy of Yggdrasil 
The Celtic Tree Ogham

Crafting the Craft

Mojo & Charm Pouches 
Kitchen Witchery 
Magickal Oils & Waters
Magickal Aromatherapy 
Of Earth & Air: Incense Making 
Crafting the Craft: Samhain 
Crafting the Craft: Yule 
Crafting the Craft: Imbolc 
Crafting the Craft: Ostara 
Crafting the Craft: Beltaine 
Crafting the Craft: Litha 
Crafting the Craft: Lughnasadh
Crafting the Craft: Mabon 
Sacred Flames

Weaving Your Magick

Earth Magick
Earth Healing 
Ritual Magick for Beginners 
Introduction to Astrology 
Introduction to Hoodoo 
Introduction to Natural Magick 
Signs of the Zodiac 
Introduction to Shamanism

Crystal Energy

Crystal Healing Therapy Practitioner
Advanced Crystal Therapy
Crystal Therapy: Fertility
Crystal Therapy: Stress Management
Crystal Therapy: Anxiety & Depression
Crystal Therapy: Pain Management
Crystal Therapy: Oncology Care
Crystal Therapy: Spiritual Practices
Crystals for the Home
Crystal Essence Practitioner
Crystal Kundalini Activation

Shamanic Pathways

The Way of the Shaman
Shamanic Journeying for Beginners
The Shamans Tool Kit

Practical Magick

Working with the Elements 
The Sacred Circle 
Magickal Tools

Well Being

Relaxing Massage: Back, Neck & Shoulders 
Relaxing Massage: Face, Head & Shoulders


Learn to read the Tarot Cards

Ancient Runes

Animal Oracle Cards

Palmistry for Beginners

Tea Leaf Reading

Crystal Readings

One to One Readings

A Day of Divination