Aura Cleansing

Your Aura is the energetic force that surrounds your entire being. It is a magnet that draws in and repels all of the emotions, psychic debris and energy that swims around you. In many ways, the condition of your aura creates the filter in which you see and experience the world.

When your auric field is strong and healthy, it allows you to feel energised, more aligned with your soul and helps you to create a more positive outlook.

When you are highly stressed, in a stressful environment or when your immunity is down, your auric field can become weak which can make you feel lethargic, unaligned with your soul and can create a more negative outlook.

Just like we have to protect and care for our physical body, we also have to protect and care for our energetic body.
If you are feeling drained, stressed, spiritually desensitised, highly emotional or out of sorts, cleansing your aura may help.

Our Aura Clearing treatment uses a variety of techniques including smudging with sacred dried herbs, using essential oils and waters along with crystal vibrations and other energy clearing techniques.

Treatment Benefits

- Relaxation and stress relief
- Can provide a feeling of lightness
- Clarity and clear vision
- Boosted immune system
- Focus and direction
- Improved mood
- Overall enhanced wellbeing
- Increased vitality

Prices, Duration and Booking

Full Session - 30 Minutes

(Initial treatment will include an additional 15-20 minute consultation session)

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