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Evening All,

Hope this blog finds you well. Did anyone around North London / Hertfordshire catch a glimpse of the rain clouds this evening? They were stunning. One side of the sky was an amazing array of colours as the sun-set, the other, dark and cloudy with very prominent streaks of rain - it was amazing to watch.

Something thats been on my mind over the past few days - Identity.

I don't know why this has been around but I thought the best way to acknowledge its presence would be to write a blog about it.

How are we defined? How do we obtain our identity and how do we keep it? What makes us Us and what do we do if we lose it?

All these questions have bee flying through my head the past few days. I've been thinking about my goals, achievements, failures, near misses etc. I began to think about what people might say about me, both to my face and to others. And then I thought, does this define me? Does this give me my identity? The opinions, statements and conversations that others have about me? If this is the case, the surely, if I do not agree with this identity, then I'm leaving my happiness in the self-expression and opinion that others have.

Standing strong in my energy is not something that comes easily, or have I been particularly adept at doing so in the past. A case of too little too late or actually not even at all. This triggered something inside of me that made me realise that no, identity, is something that I CHOOSE. I decide what defines me - as does everyone else choose that that defines them.

Remaining in your energy, 'Standing in your Power' as it's known, is to know your True Self. Your Inner Guide. Inner Shaman. To find this you must be able to walk the line that weaves between Light and Shadow. Collecting missing or fractured parts of your Self on your journey.

Remember - only you can give yourself Identity. People don't necessarily love you as much as they say, but they don't hate you as much as they say either - it's somewhere inbetween.

So, on this now dark and grey evening - Go find your Identity.


Chris xx

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