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  1. Afternoon All,

    Just wanted to share with you guys a bit of amazing news. The lovely Lucy at INDEE Hot Yoga in the Old Town of Hemel Hempstead has kindly arranged for me to use her stunning new treatment room two days a week. The building works are currently being finished in the room and once that is sorted, full details of the days I will be working there will be posted.

    If you would like more information on INDEE, please visit their website at

    So so excited!



  2. Evening All,

    Hope this blog finds you well. Did anyone around North London / Hertfordshire catch a glimpse of the rain clouds this evening? They were stunning. One side of the sky was an amazing array of colours as the sun-set, the other, dark and cloudy with very prominent streaks of rain - it was amazing to watch.

    Something thats been on my mind over the past few days - Identity.

    I don't know why this has been around but I thought the best way to acknowledge its presence would be to write a blog about it.

    How are we defined? How do we obtain our identity and how do we keep it? What makes us Us and what do we do if we lose it?

    All these questions have bee flying through my head the past few days. I've been thinking about my goals, achievements, failures, near misses etc. I began to think about what people might say about me, both to my face and to others. And then I thought, does this define me? Does this give me my identity? The opinions, statements and conversations that others have about me? If this is the case, the surely, if I do not agree with this identity, then I'm leaving my happiness in the self-expression and opinion that others have.

    Standing strong in my energy is not something that comes easily, or have I been particularly adept at doing so in the past. A case of too little too late or actually not even at all. This triggered something inside of me that made me realise that no, identity, is something that I CHOOSE. I decide what defines me - as does everyone else choose that that defines them.

    Remaining in your energy, 'Standing in your Power' as it's known, is to know your True Self. Your Inner Guide. Inner Shaman. To find this you must be able to walk the line that weaves between Light and Shadow. Collecting missing or fractured parts of your Self on your journey.

    Remember - only you can give yourself Identity. People don't necessarily love you as much as they say, but they don't hate you as much as they say either - it's somewhere inbetween.

    So, on this now dark and grey evening - Go find your Identity.


    Chris xx

  3. Evening All,

    A phrase that has stuck with me tonight...


    This resonated with me tonight - and its something that I think I will keep with me forever. I've always been a firm believer of 'dreaming big'. If you don't dream big, you can't achieve big... so literally, the sky is the limit. Reach for the skies - as Woody would say! I think sometime we settle for second best in life - we chose to accept what's in front of us rather than striving for what it is that we actually want. Not that there is anything wrong with acceptance at all - but settling for less, is not a good habit to get into.

    I realised I may have fallen into this pattern over the past year or so. I've been making a conscious effort to change this - and I think its paying off. Although I am a Water Sign, my Air rising fuels my desire to strive for the best and attain the highest that I can achieve. This works in most aspects of my life.

    I want to pass this message on to all of you - aim high, achieve high, and strive to reach your goals!




  4. Afternoon All,

    Alot has been going on over the past few weeks and something dawned on me early yesterday morning (when I was woken by the dogs both taking over the entire bed!). I just lay in bed staring out the window as I watched the light begin to wash over the day ahead - and then it popped into my mind - when was the last time I was still? I mean, actually stopped and listened. Listened to my inner voice, my inner guide, and listened to what is going on around me. It's been far too long! And I don't necessarily mean meditation, I mean literally just listening.

    I ran the first of 6 introduction to celtic shaman workshops last night. It was a bit of an eye opener for me and I think for the people who attended too. The Shamanic path is not all 'Love and Light' - A term that I think is batted around between 'spiritual' people without much meaning - unfortunately. It teaches us that we need to have balance. Night and Day, Dark and Light. And this isn't about going around wishing people ill, working with the darkness is merely working on the inside. Doing your OWN development. Walking your walk rather than just talking about it. You have to put in the groundwork and foundation for anything else you build on it to actually mean something.

    Anyway, I will stop rambling for now. If that's given you any food for thought, go out, sit, be still, and listen. See if you get any answers :-)





  5. Morning All!

    Wanted to share with you something really exciting for next year - TJ Higgs is running her successful Psychic Weekend at Pontins near Lowestoft in 2017! I attended this years event with a selection of stock (mainly crystals) and the weekend was fantastic. Great to meet so many new people.

    For those of you who aren't away, the Wellbeing Clinic that I run in Hertford once a month is TJ's Centre, The Dragonfly Centre. I will also be doing alot more teaching for here this year and much more next year too.

    This weekend is a fantastic price and I would recommend it to anyone. The cost of the weekend includes your accomodation, food, access to the demonstrations and attendance to the workshops too. There are a selection of readers and therapists on hand to attend to your spiritual and holistic needs along with a variety of trade stalls selling their wares.

    Take a look at the poster below and if it's something you fancy - give them booking line a call and book your space!


  6. So... I've finally bitten the bullet and signed up to both Twitter and Instagram!

    Be patient with me... I've only ever used Facebook - Twitter is a little bit beyond me!

    The links are as follows: