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  1. So,

    I'm spending the evening changing over hosts for my (our) website. To be able to integrate it with our new Online Shop rather than having and paying for two seperate hosting accounts.

    I'm mid-way of moving the Blog across, when I notice that there haven't been any new blogs... in nearly a year!!

    I knew it had been a while but I didn't know it had been that long.

    We have some exciting news from the Forest Song camp but we can't say anything just yet as we are still waiting for a few things to be confirmed (I know, I know - don't you hate it when people day that!!). Just keep your eyes peeled on Facebook, Twitter etc for more information.

    Hopefully the shop and website won't take too long to move across to the new website - if you keep checking, you'll know when its done.

    Will update you all soon!




  2. Hello everyone!

    Welcome to our brand new website! Newly revamped with our added Online Shop too!

    All the features of the old website are still here - it's just a new and improved version!

    Any questions, please feel free to drop us a message using our Contact Form.



    The Forest Song Team