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  1. Evening All...

    I'm sitting here tonight updating our website, trying to get all the broken links or half-finished pages completed - when I noticed (yet again) that there hasn't been a blog post since March!

    Well - what a year it's been so far. For anyone that follows us on Social Media or knows us personally will know how challenging this year so far has been. We are no longer at our premises in Basildon (needless to say that didn't work out - for a number of reasons) but relocated after just 5 weeks back to Hemel Hempstead to a premises that we looked at before taking the Basildon one.

    This new space gives us a much larger shop front and our own treatment room - which is very much welcome! It's a good job we did find somewhere with a treatment room included as you guys and gals seem to have gone mad for your therapies and readings - which is lovely to see.

    We are slowly building our diary of circles, workshops, courses and training schemes - so keep an eye out for Facebook or the diary pages on the website for more information. We also regularly (much more regularly than my blogging I will add) send out a newsletter with the latest offers, up to date events and goings on... If you'd like this information send direct to your Inbox, just scroll to the bottom of the page and 'Subscribe' or 'Sign Up' to our newsletter.

    So... I'm going to crack on with updating the website (Lot's of new Sound Healing/Singing Bowls/Bells/Chimes currently being added) and working on fixing these missing or broken links / pages.

    I promise I will write something a bit more meaningful very soon!

    Until then... BBxxx