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  1. Good Morning All,

    Please find below your readings from yesterdays Psychic Sunday Card Readings using the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards posted over on our Facebook page. 

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    A –  Calendula

    Chris Says: Balance is coming – but you have to give it chance to integrate. It may seem like you’ve been waiting for this for a while – if that is the case, holding on a little bit longer isn’t going to cost the Earth. When it comes to maintaining or finding the balance in your life, are you sure that you are doing everything within your power to try and achieve this too. You may find it hard to sit still, to do nothing, but stopping, or resting, doesn’t necessarily mean do nothing. Sometimes taking a break from your regular days, breaking the constant cycle, can make the world of difference to not only your mind and spirit, but your body too. Give yourself some TLC – one of the first steps on the road to finding balance. The Summer provides many more opportunities to grab small pockets of time here and there – take them. They won’t be around for too long. 

    B – Sunflower

    Chris Says: Enjoy the time that you have with the people around you. You may be feeling that things seem to gather speed over the next couple of weeks – lot’s of things to see, lot’s of things to do and plenty to go out and experience. It feels like a very upbeat, positive time. However don’t forget about the little things. Don’t forget about the things that may seem small to you but mean the world to someone else. While you’re in a good space – make some else’s day. A token gesture, a message out of the blue, a 30 minute get together for a coffee. Pass on your positive vibes and they will be returned when those around you are in a better space too. Let your enthusiasm, drive and upbeat energy spill out to those around you – just don’t get too wrapped up in it that you lose focus or clarity.

    C – Sweet Pea

    Chris Says: If you’re feeling like you are stuck at the moment – stuck in a rut, stuck firmly in place – it’s perfectly understandable. Sometimes not moving forward is beneficial so that you can gather your thoughts and prepare for the next chapter. But are you sure that you aren’t moving forwards? Sometimes we are but it might not be at the speed that we want – or possibly even in the direction we want? Over the next few weeks take some time to re-evaluate what it is you’re doing, where you’re going and ultimately, what your end goal is. If this has changed, then change your path. If it hasn’t then do whatever is needed to re-correct the journey so that you then feel you’re at least making progress. Don’t be afraid to change your mind. Don’t be afraid to be direct about what you want and don’t be afraid of stopping to take stock of your progress so far and where it is you’re going.

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    The Forest Song Team xx