Craniosacral Therapy

Cranio-sacral treatment is most often carried out with the patient lying down, fully clothed in a quiet and peaceful environment. Treatment involves a gentle touch of the practitioner's hands (not massage). Contact may be taken up on the cranium (brain), the spine, sacrum (tailbone), the torso the feet, or any other part of the body as appropriate. It can bring feelings of deep relaxation and warmth. A very subtle treatment that can be extremely powerful and restorative for mind and body.

Your skull, your spinal column and your sacrum are the bony structures that protect the most delicate system in your body. The central nervous system which controls and coordinates all other systems. Inside this closed system is cerebrospinal fluid that is filtered from the blood in the brain. This fluid bathes the brain and the spinal cord and is responsible for giving the central nervous system buoyancy. It acts as a cushion to protect the brain and the spinal cord from trauma, and it flows in various channels and paths that transport the nutrients and chemicals to different parts of the nervous system all over the body. By its very nature, the fluid acts as a conduit to enhance electrical charges in the nervous system.

Treatment Benefits

Cranial sacral therapy can be used for people of all ages. It may form part of your treatment for conditions like:
- migraines and headaches
- constipation
- irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
- disturbed sleep cycles and insomnia
- scoliosis
- sinus infections
- neck pain
- fibromyalgia
- recurrent ear infections or colic in infants
- trauma recovery, including trauma from whiplash
- mood disorders like anxiety or depression
- difficult pregnancies

Prices, Duration and Booking

1st Session - 90 Minutes

Full Session and Follow Ups - 60 Minutes

(Initial treatment will include an additional 15-20 minute consultation session)

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