February 2018

Journey Through the Tarot (Basildon)

Date: Friday 2nd February 2018
Event: Workshop - Journey Through the Tarot
Location: Kallima - Basildon
Times: 7.30pm - 10.00pm
Cost: £10 per person
Embark on a magickal guided journey through the Tarot!
In this series of workshops we will be guiding you through the mystical and magickal story of the Tarot. This session, we will be taking you through the story of the Major Arcana.
Throughout your journey you will encounter various personas of the self, situations and blockages that may be holding you back in life. You may find answers to questions you are asking, you may be given empowerment to take control of your life and its direction.
Anything is possible when we Journey with the Tarot. An open mind and a open heart is all you need.
You do not need to have any experience with the Tarot to be able to join the group.
Spaces MUST be booked in advance.