February 2018

Path of the Celtic Shaman - Day 1 (Basildon)

Event: Path of the Celtic Shaman - 12 Month Course
Date: Sunday 4th February 2018
Location: Kallima - Basildon
Times: 11.00am - 7.00pm
Cost: £65 per person, per class (includes all materials)
As with all our longer courses, this does need an element of commitment - a want, or need, to learn or to change and shape your energy into the person you wish to become.
Have you ever felt like you don't belong? You feel like there is something 'more' - something that brings all the pieces of your life together? Those who follow a Shamanic Lifestyle find that their life has more meaning and direction.
The Path of the Celtic Shaman is a year long course (running one Sunday a month) guiding you through the basics of living a shamanic lifestyle and introducing you to the practices and principles of the path. It is ideal for complete beginners and those who also have a basic understanding of this path. At the end of the course each participant will get the chance to dedicate themselves to the Shamanic Pathway and any specialist path if they choose to walk it - completing their first ‘Life Spiral’.
During the course we will be:
· Looking at the Celtic Shamans ‘Spiral of Life’ development
· Learning about the 3 planes, or worlds, of existence
· Connecting with our Shaman Guides and helpers
· Learning to, in time, seamlessly walk between the worlds
· Build on your foundation of Shamanic Healing
· Working with Totems and Power Animals
· Discovering more about the Wheel of the Year and the cycles the Earth takes
· Learning about the cycles of the Moon and how to harness this energy
· Making our own ritual items - smudge sticks, staves, incenses, blends, rattles etc
· Connecting with the energy of the Great Tree and using its energy to journey
· Practise and develop our Healing and Journeying techniques to benefit others
· Learning about and working with the Celtic Ogham plus making your Ogham Set
· Growing as a group and sharing experiences to develop and expand our awareness
· Beginning our first steps on your Spirit Plant Medicine journey and be shown how to take, use, sample and record your own findings in your herbal keepsake
· Visiting, connecting to and conversing with various Celtic Deities and using their energy for support, guidance, divination and healing
· Learning how to create and build your own Sacred Circle
· Creating and working through your own personal Celtic Medicine Wheel
· Practising the art of Astral Projection
· Learning about the Great Journey and what this means to you
· Communicating with Earth Spirits and Ancestors for Guidance, Divination and Healing purposes
· Learning how to use a Drum for Healing and also journeying, both alone and as part of a group
· Making your own Shaman Stones, pouches, shields, totems and much much more...
As with all our longer courses, this does need an element of commitment - a want, or need, to learn or to change and shape your energy into the person you wish to become. You do not need to be a medium or psychic to follow this path - however you do need to have an awareness of energy. We promise this course will be extremely fulfilling and will make you view your life, and those around you in a completely different light. This course is based on the Celtic Shamanic tradition, not the Native American one. There are subtle differences between the two forms (and with other forms of shamanic beliefs) however as with all Earth-Based followings, you take from it what you put in.
The cost of the course includes ALL your materials over the 12 months. There may be additional day-trips planned - these will be at no extra cost to you other than making your own way to certain locations.
Course Dates:
4th Feb 2018
4th March 2018
8th April 2018
6th May 2018
3rd June 2018
1st July 2018
5th August 2018
2nd September 2018
7th October 2018
4th November 2018
2nd December 2018
6th January 2019
Spaces MUST be booked in advance as they are limited.