Events - December 2019

Evening Meditation Group

Evening Meditation Group
Runs every Wednesday
£8 per person
7.30pm - 9.00pm
Meditation is key and a foundation technique for anyone wishing to or walking a spiritual pathway.
Everyone can meditate in one form or another. Some through visualisation, some through counting, some through breathing techniques.
We are sure you will find a technique that will suit you - whether it be for relaxation, spiritual development or connecting with your higher self.
Each session we will spend time going through relaxation exercises and various meditations ranging from meeting your spirit guides, communing with your higher self, healing meditations and journeys. All levels are welcome.
The benefits of meditation now accepted by society and proven by science include:
- Reduces stress
- Controls anxiety
- Promotes emotional health
- Enhances self-awareness
- Lengthens attention span
- May reduce age-related memory loss
- Can generate kindness
- May help fight addictions
- Improves sleep
- Helps control pain
- Can decrease blood pressure
After the meditation session there will be complementary tea and biscuits - to ensure everyone is fully grounded of course!
Booking MUST be made in advance as places are limited. Please state whether you would like to lie down or sit on a chair during the meditation. If you wish to lie down, while we do have a selection of blankets, cushions and pillows, please feel free to bring your own too.

To book please give us a call on 07526 021407 or click here to book online.