Oriental Warm Bamboo & Rosewood Facial Massage

Oriental Warm Bamboo & Rosewood Facial Massage Therapy is a relaxing and luxurious technique that also addresses the tension and stress that build up in our face, neck and shoulders from a chaotic lifestyle. The Bamboo facial massage draws on the ancient traditions of Asian facial massage (incorporating Ayurvedic, Thai, Tibetan, Japanese and Chinese influences). Using techniques that incorporates bamboo stalks of varying lengths and diameters to provide a relaxing facial massage. (The Japanese name for bamboo is take, while the Chinese call it echu. It is from this word that the cho sticks, used by some bamboo massage practitioners, take their name.) Bamboo massage itself promotes circulation, sensory nerve perception, and lymphatic drainage and provides a deep sense of relaxation and well-being. This course also includes work on the facial acupressure points which are activated using the point of a Rosewood Facial Massager.

Melt away your facial tension with the relaxing warmed bamboo and rosewood tools. This facial is especially designed to harmonize the body and mind, to relax and de-stress and remove fatigue. This facial massage is a deeply relaxing treatment which will promote well being, relieve stress, tension, stimulate blood circulation and provide an unbelievable relaxing massage experience. The movements in this facial massage help to stimulate and plump the facial muscles as in a non surgical face lift.

Treatment Benefits

Massage bamboo therapy techniques used in the orient are based on techniques used for centuries. From the Orient we also get our knowledge base about bamboo sticks and oils, this massage has a therapeutic effect on the body as well as the face, which generally lasts for a few days after the treatment.

- Delivers an incredible sensation of relaxation and calm
- Reduces stress and fatigue
- Stimulates blood circulation
- Relieves muscular tension
- Aids in Lymphatic circulation
- Increases the flow of oxygen, blood and nutrients to the facial area leaving the skin soft and supple.

Prices, Duration and Booking

Full Session - 60 Minutes

(Initial treatment will include an additional 15-20 minute consultation session)

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