Well where do I begin…... probably at the beginning would be a good start.

I was born in Essex roughly 33 years ago and I have always been fascinated with the spiritual and holistic side of life ever since I can remember. From seeing spirit when I was younger, receiving my first pack of Tarot cards from my mum (which I still have and use now) showing me how to read the cards, having a knack for finding peoples painful areas when giving massages and just connecting with people and having that weird way of knowing what they need and when they need it

I’ve always had the spiritual/earthy/witchy side to my life but the jobs I have had have never made me feel like I was in a position to be able to explore this side very often, until I became a co-owner of Forest Song and was introduced to the wonderful training and to be able to explore and experience a lot of new things that I was never able to for a long time.

Chris has been very patient and helpful in helping me on my spiritual path and I now feel confident to be able to share the training I have been provided with to help others which is something I have realised I love to do.

So I am now a practicing tarot reader as well as constantly studying and training in new holistic and spiritual studies and crafts which has allowed me to help others when they come to the centre looking for help or assistance with their daily needs.

I look forward to welcoming you to our centre.



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