Hot Stone Massage

An American massage therapist, Mary Nelson, was the founder of the original hot stone therapy which she called 'LaStone'. She wanted a system that would enable her to continue her therapy practice while easing her stiff and painful wrist joints. Using the stones to massage achieved this goal, while also enhancing the massage treatment.

However, the use of the stones is much more than a tool for the therapist, as the warmth of the stones is truly comforting and relaxing and they also connect us with Mother Earth, grounding our vibrations.

Treatment Benefits

Hot Stone Massage may have the following beneficial effects on the mind and body.

- Promotes deep muscle and tissue relaxation
- Heat from the stones allows manipulation of a greater intensity than with basic massage  
- Improved circulation as muscles have an increased blood supply
- Lymphatic function increases due to general increase in circulation
- Releases toxins
- Alleviates stress
- Calms the psyche
- Heat relieves pain in muscles and joints
- Tension in connective tissue is decreased
- One stroke with a stone is equal to ten normal massage strokes
- The treatment is said to be ten times deeper and the results are said to last ten times longer than traditional techniques
- There is a deep comfort in receiving warmth on the body
- Relaxes the mind and helps insomnia
- Deep relaxation - the warmth relaxes both physically and mentally

Prices, Duration and Booking

Full Body - 60 Minutes

Back, Neck & Shoulders - 30 Minutes

(Initial treatment will include an additional 15-20 minute consultation session)

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