Thai Herbal (Luk Pra Ko) Compress Massage

Thai Herbal compress (also known as Luk Pra Ko - translated as herbal pressing sphere) has been used for hundreds of years in Thailand as a remedy for sore aching muscles, stress relief, exhaustion and other ailments.  This is truly a wonderful treatment that is still little known in Europe.  Herbs are wrapped in balls of cotton muslin, steamed to release essentials oils and aromas, and then applied along the sen sib or energy lines of the body.

Compress Massage aims to loosen blockages and restore the body’s natural equilibrium and balance. It also relaxes the muscles and stimulates the flow of both blood and lymph. Compresses are excellent for stiff, sore or pulled muscles and ligaments; back pain; arthritis; chronic pain or injury; disorders of the internal organs; skin diseases, migraines, and chronic stress or anxiety. A Hot Herbal Compress adds to these benefits the healing effects of therapeutic herbs in patting, pounding and kneading actions. This traditional treatment has been practised to soothe muscle tension and stiffness in key areas. The combination of heat and medicinal herbs, is absorbed by the body to help reduce aches.

The ingredients, organic herbs which include ginger root, turmeric, camphor, lime flowers, borneol, citrus hystrix (also known as kaffir lime) and cinnamon, along with the main ingredient of lemon grass, are antioxidants, natural skin softeners, hydrants and refiners. 

Treatment Benefits

Benefits of Thai Herbal Massage:
- Kick starts the elimination of the lymphatic system
- Helps the balance of the elements within the body
- Inhalation of the Thai herbs ease respiration
- Diuretic properties
- Increased circulation to all of the tissues assisting nourishment and waste removal
- Calms the digestive system
- Relives aches and pains in the muscular system
- Stimulates the skin by nourishing & improving waste removal

Prices, Duration and Booking

Full Body - 60 Minutes

(Initial treatment will include an additional 15-20 minute consultation session)

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