Chris has been my Tarot tutor for the last two years. He has an amazing depth of knowledge, a relaxed and fun teaching style and I can't think of anyone I would rather work with as a student.

I have attended tarot workshops (beginners tarot, next steps in tarot and tarot with a twist) and I am also a regular at his monthly tarot circle. Chris is a brilliant tutor, always enthusiastic, encouraging and mischievous. I highly recommend him.

Nicola, Hertfordshire

Chris has been a tutor for me since 2012, and has consistently delivered high quality workshops, predominantly on crystal healing and Earth Magick.

He is genuine, warm and funny, with a great teaching manner.

Despite having been involved in this world for many years, I too have learned a lot from him, and am continuing to do so as we look forward to more workshops. I would thoroughly recommend him.

Jay, Essex

I have been on several workshops with Chris, including herbs, crystals and various witchcraft courses. His knowledge is absolutely amazing. He is an extremely patient tutor. All classes always contain humour, which results in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. I have done lots of courses with different tutors over the year but can say that Chris is my favourite tutor. I have learned so much from him and am grateful.

Maggie, Essex

I've been lucky enough to take part in a number of Chris' workshops, including a weekend crystal healing retreat. Chris has a wealth of knowledge in many subjects and he is clearly passionate about sharing this knowledge. His workshops are fun, inclusive and extensively researched. He is a natural teacher, always encouraging & supportive. He adapts his teaching methods to each student, acknowledging that we all learn in different ways. Not only have I learned loads of fabulous things from Chris, I've also gained an increase in self confidence. You won't find a better tutor.

Mel, Essex

I've been on many workshops with Chris and found them informative friendly and always fun. I now have qualified as a crystal practitioner and with Chris tutoring my own tarot reading business. Highly recommended.

Lesley, Essex

Chris and Forest Song have become an important part of my life. I have been introduced to the world of Tarot. And Chris has helped me develop my knowledge and ability in this area. I also enjoy Spiritual Development evenings with Chris where I have looked at other spiritual pathways, including crystal ball readings, wax readings and the art of Meditation. I attended a days course to become a practitioner in Rahanni Celestial Healing. I have practiced my healing on friends and family with great success. Chris is extremely talented and dedicated to his work. I would recommend Chris as a teacher and inspirational leader of Spiritual development.

Julia, Hertfordshire

I used to sit in Chris's magic circle and have attended many workshops and a soul journeying and retrieval, he is a wonderful tutor with so much knowledge. He is patient and supportive taking pride in his teachings, all done with passion and humour. I can't recommend him enough!

Amanda, East London

I have attended a Natural Cosmetics Workshop and various crystal/witchcraft courses with Chris due to his knowledgeable, friendly and patient attitude.

Rowan, Essex

I first met Chris when I attended the crystal healer practitioner course he teaches. An absolutely fantastic course, one of the best I have attended. His obvious expertise shone through and the course was extremely well structured. He has a natural teaching style and I highly recommend any of his courses. You won't be disappointed.

Becky, North London

Chris really has bought a lot of great workshops to Hemel. He is a great tutor with endless patience, he is very knowledgeable and very professional. I count myself lucky that he his in my life.

Alison, Hertfordshire

I have attended a few of Chris' workshops, thoroughly enjoyed them all. All delivered with a wealth of knowledge and fun. The weekend crystal healing retreat was fantastic and worth every penny.

Dawn, Essex

Attended yet another fantastic course today, Advanced Crystal Practitioner, so much packed in and the day flew by too quickly. The knowledge of the walking encyclopaedia, that is Chris, is astounding. I have done several workshops now and have left all buzzing with a thirst to learn more. The day(s) are very informative but done in a relaxed and fun manner which, for me at least, enables me to absorb the teachings. Looking forward to the next one.

Lynn, Hertfordshire