Born in Swindon, Wiltshire a long long time ago!!
Moved to the seaside town of Blackpool at aged 14 with my parents who bought a hotel.
Studied business and hospitality before changing direction and choosing nursing as a career.

I have been working for the NHS for over 20 years in some form or another from a mental health nurse specialising in Autism and Asbergers syndrome, medical recruitment consultant to my current role as a customer services specialist for a medical appliance company who specialise in Urology, Ostomy and woundcare products.

Many years ago I also trained as a physical therapist as I wanted to pursue a career as a physiotherapist but never really did much with it.

When I first met Chris I was very intrigued and by listening to him speak about his journey and career, it sparked something inside of me to find out more about my own spiritual pathway.

I began attending the classes and reading a lot about different aspects of spiritual pathways to develop myself and to find where I fit in to the world and my purpose in life.

I have trained as a crystal practitioner and Aromatherapist. I am also on a Shamanic pathway developing my knowledge and self awareness in life.

I am in love with anything earth based from crystals to Pagan traditions and witchcraft.