Tibetan Acu-Sound Therapy

Tibetan Acu-Sound Therapy is an extremely effective treatment. It is the use of musical tuning forks in a non-invasive way to re-align and balance the body's natural energy fields and to help clear energetic blockages. Harmonic sound, both audible and vibrational can locate and resolve energetic disharmony. This supports self healing and is complementary to other therapeutic measures. It is a gentle and enjoyable method and is opening up fascinating new areas of subtle work.

Sound Therapy can be used to help any illness or ailment - physical or emotional, as it works at a fundamental energetic level. This treatment is non-invasive as it is applied through clothes and therefore can be performed anywhere.

Treatment Benefits

A Sound Therapy Treatment helps to bring us to a calm meditative state where we are still alert and more receptive to learning and focusing and where our bodies and minds are able to allow the natural healing energies to flow.

This is a holistic treatment and therefore the therapeutic effects last long after the treatment is finished and can include many of the following:

- Promote the flow of energy or qi in and around the body
- Opens the energetic pathways, alleviating stasis and relieving pain
- Relaxes muscular tension
- Relaxes adrenals, relieves stress and equilibrates the whole body
- Promotes sound sleep
- Promotes deep and balanced breathing
- Calming - it facilitates balance and homeostasis in the body
- Stimulates the body's healing process

Prices, Duration and Booking

Full Session - 45 Minutes

(Initial treatment will include an additional 15-20 minute consultation session)

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