Take a trip to the Forest. Stop. Sit. And Listen.

Each person will hear different sounds within the Forest. Perhaps the wind through the trees, the birds in the branches or the gentle rustling of the leaves. The natural song of the Forest that each person hears - taking them out of their day-to-day lives just for a short period of time - that is Forest Song.

Let us help you find your Forest Song.

The Forest Song Experience

When creating Forest Song, we were very much in agreement that we didn't just want 'another therapy space'. Instead, we wanted to create an experience for anyone who comes to visit us.

From the warm friendly welcome to the luxury linen and robes, from the high-end treatment products, the personal and bespoke attention you will receive through to the delicious herbal tea that you can enjoy in our relaxation space after your treatment.

We want to make sure each client leaves remembering their experience (for the right reasons) which just aids towards us truly treating the whole person 'wholistically'.

Summer Spa Treatments

Available throughout June, July and August 2024

Midsummer Cooldown75 Minutes

Solstice Refresh - 60 Minutes

Summer Glow Brightening Facial - 60 Minutes

Solstice Ritual2 Hours

Treatments and therapies to re-balance your mind, body and spirit

Here at Forest Song Spiritual and Wellness Centre we aim to provide high quality and professional holistic treatments in a calm, serene, tranquil and clean space.

By our therapists and the Centre both holding space for each of our clients, it allows them to fully immerse themselves within their chosen therapy - be it for the mind, body, spirit - or perhaps all three!

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Physical Therapies for the whole body, head, hands and feet.

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Energy, Channeled and Crystal based energy treatments.

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Tarot, Oracle, Crystal - a variety of readings to provide guidance and clarity.

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Indulge in holistic spa-treatments to help you rest, relax and rejuvenate.

The Forest Healer

Signature Wellness Treatments

Forest Bathing Ritual

£ 110.00
  • 120 Minutes


Forest Restore Ritual

£ 195.00
  • 3 1/2 Hours

Forest Flora Facial

£ 70.00
  • 75 Minutes

Tree of Life Ritual

£ 75.00
  • 90 Minutes

Train With Us...

Are you a practicing therapist looking to add a new therapy or technique to your treatment menu? Or perhaps you are looking to train as a Holistic Therapist and step into a new career - either way, we've got your covered with our wide range of fully insurable and accredited holistic, physical therapy and energy based courses.

You can find more information on these, and lots more classes and workshops, over on The Asgard Academy.