About Chris

Having always had an interest in a huge range of spiritual, holistic and wellbeing topics, it is no surprise that Chris ended up fully dedicating to this way of life and has done for over 15 years. With a vast array of treatments, therapies, techniques, training and experience under his belt he is extremely passionate about not only providing this service for others - but empowering his clients too. This shines through in his many years as a tutor and mentor and has now led on to the founding of The Asgard Academy - a training centre for all things spiritual, holistic, new age, pagan and wellbeing!

Having owned and managed a number of different wellbeing centres and spiritual businesses whilst on his path, it wasn't until the move to Glastonbury in 2020 with his partner John that things really 'took off'. With the universe guiding their paths (as it does) talk soon turned to creating a professional, authentic and truly holistic sanctuary in Glastonbury - and the Forest Song Spiritual and Wellness Centre was born.

'No matter what treatment, therapy or reading you come to experience with me my end goal is to empower you to take control of your life and help you life the live you want. I am truly grateful for the space that we have created here in Glastonbury and cannot wait for you all to share in this experience. We hope to create long-lasting memories and develop and grow in ourselves as much as the space will here in Avalon'