About Emma

Alongside being a Holistic Therapist, Emma has a fitness industry background and is a practising Pilates Instructor, with extensive training and 10 years' experience. In addition she is also trained in Fascial Release, Pink Ribbon Rehab Pilates and Women's Health and Wellbeing.

As a natural teacher, Emma is committed to helping clients to achieve their goals, to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and to find natural pathways to pain relief.

Emma decided to branch into Holistic Therapy to fully develop her natural passion for this field and because it was complementary to her work as a Pilates Instructor. The fields of Holistic Therapy and Pilates lend themselves to each other very well.

Emma's journey as a therapist began after she moved to Glastonbury three years ago, starting her Holistic Therapy training under Chris's tutelage at the Asgard Academy.

Emma is very happy to be working alongside the team and to be part of Forest Song.