About John

Being gifted a deck of tarot cards by his Mum early on in his life it should come as no surprise that Johns interest in spiritual, pagan and esoteric subjects would continue to grow. His love of magical practices and paganism would then naturally evolve into holistic and spiritual wellbeing. 

After spending over 10 years as a police officer in London, and then meeting his partner Chris, it soon became clear that it was time to swap his role of 'looking after people' in the police to doing so in a holistic and spiritual way.

Since that time John has taken every opportunity to develop his skills and knowledge in a wide range of holistic and spiritual subjects - which has then led on to him developing as a practising therapist and reader.

Before the move to Glastonbury, John and Chris had their own small pagan and witchcraft business which has just gone from strength to strength since its inception. Although offering treatments and readings was never part of the 'Sons of Asgard' plan - the opportunity that has arisen has felt like an extremely natural progression.

'Being a part of Forest Song's journey has helped solidify my passion for helping people, through different mediums, realise their own potential and discover the power they hold within. I along with Chris, look forward to welcoming your into our little piece of magic here in Glastonbury'.