Private Events

Similar in concept to group bookings, private events tend to be for the smaller groups of friends looking for a unique event to be 'the icing on the cake' for their visit to the magical Isle of Avalon.

Intimate occasions where friends can relax, create special memories, and share their dreams for the future.

Private events usually feature both an energy therapy offer and a body treatment both chosen and arranged in advance. On occasion they can also include a reading to give you the full body mind and soul package. 

Alternatively book yourself some private space to enjoy our Spa Ritual treatments with a couple of friends.

If you would like to book Forest Song for your private event, please contact us with your wish list, or ask us for some ideas, we are here to make sure your event is truly magical.

Private Escapes

Many people visiting Glastonbury find the hustle and bustle of the High Street and Tor overwhelming and want to retreat for a few hours to a gentle sanctury - which is exactly what we offer. Come and relax on our herb terrace or in our relaxation lounge and allow yourself to be pampered and cocooned in - pure private luxury.